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The problem of minorities has a particular dimension, that explains in some way his politizetion. The problem's root are in the own modern state configuration: the State-nation, created through a strong linguistic, religious and simbolic identity.

However it is necessary to tell that the history has been completly different in West Europe than in Central and East Europe: the insetability of frontiers, and teh Empire like alternative to the statal organitation are two important clues to understand the different approachment to the problem of minorities in Central and West Europe. While the West European States, once created, were able to develop themselves and srenght their institutions (and nations) in the frame of a more or less stable frontiers, in Central and East Europe (despite of the early creationof some of these States[1], the non-existence of natural frontiers, the continue migration (that made difficult the linguistic delimitation), but, above all, the politic situation in these Empires, were factors that did not allow the same evolution that in West Europe.


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Este es un post de prueba a ver si va bien o la mando al carajo...

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